This time I'll make a review about a very famous  Lebanon Restaurant among us, the Indonesian students in Berlin. Lebanon is a country in the East Medditeranean. It's bordered by Syria to the north and the east, and Israel to the south.

I spent my very fist money for eating out in this restaurant. As I wrote before, I came here for my study in 2007 after I finished my highschool and intensive german language course and spent three months in Berlin. My friend told me about this restaurant, he said that, if I haven't eaten here, than I can't say that I have been in Berlin. Do you understand what I wrote? Kekekeke. It's just too difficult to describe what my friend told me back then. The point is you can bragged about it to another indonesian student in another cities in Germany, that you've eaten here before. Sound exaggerated doesn't it? :))

So I asked my friend what should I  order and he told me the menu 1 ( you can just say the number from the menu to order at the counter ). Of course I ordered what my friend told me. What is the name of this famous menu 1? It called KUBIDEH.

Kabab koobideh (Persianکباب کوبیده‎) or kūbide (Persianکوبیده‎) is an Iranian minced meat kabab which is made from ground lamb, beef or chicken, often mixed with parsley and chopped onions. ~Wikipedia
I'm not a fan of lamb, I only eat lamb on special occasions like Eid Al-Adha, but I'm very confident to order this lamb dish because of my curiosty of my new life, new foods, new cultures. When my kubideh came, my friend told me (again) to mixed my saffron rice with butter, grind chilli sauce, salt, pepper and paprika powder, then I did what he told me. My preparations was completed, now I'm ready to eat my kubideh menu, I cut the meat first, I put it in my mouth and you know what? I want to puke it out! Hehehehe. It tasted to strong for me, but my Mom always told me, never waste your food! So I tried very hard to eat my kubideh menu and I did it! I ate all of my kubideh, without any trace but still I couldn't finish my saffron rice because the portion was to big for me (at that time).

My first experience there wasn't very good and I told my friend that he was a liar! Kekekeke. But here, I was there again after one months and I ordered kubideh again. I don't know why, but when I tasted it for the second time, it tasted really OK for me, it was indeed delicious and good and I finished my plate! After that we always eat here now and then.

Like I wrote above, Kubideh has strong smell and taste of herbs and lambs. (I think) Because of that they served the menu with one plate of fresh mint and parsley leaves, onions, small raddishes and pickled peperonis. This fres vegetables are indeed very good for your digestion after a 'heavy' meal.

Forever afer, this food'll be a comfort food for me, I don't want to eat it everyday but once in a while I always miss this food :)

What I've eaten here?

  • kubideh (with one and two kubideh, yes two kubideh just for me alone! kekeke),                                                                                                                                                                                         
    >> the infamous menu 1 (kubudeh), fresh salad leaves and  free black tea<<

  • bareh (lamb fillet -- it was good, but I prefer kubideh, but for someone who like the 'real' meat, I think they should order this), 
  • djuheh (chicken -- it taste a little bit dry beacuse of chicken breast meat?! I don't know, I'm not a fan of chicken breast by the way. :) ), 
  • taboule ( parsley salad ), 
  • schawarma, 
  • cocktail ( it's a non alcoholic dessert (they don't serve alcohol here) -- there are chunks of apples, peers, banana, melon mixed guava and mango juices and toped with smooth cream, honey, crumles pistachio and raisin -- it sound really sweet, it's indeed very sweet but it taste good!)                                                                                                                                                                                           
    >> El-Reda's Cocktail <<

  • and last but not least menu on the day ( this menu was very good, you should try this yourself! I think the menu isn't always the same day by day, but i have tried the yellow lamb soup ( I don't know the name ) with very big chunks of meat and bones on it, the meat was sooo tender and it didn't have any lamb smell, so I really like it  )

(Almost all of the menu serve with rice, grilled tomato and of course the buter salad plate like I've describe above ) The price isn't that expensive when you compare with the big portion of rice you'll get it, like you know (or maybe not), we Indonesian people love to eat rice and students are always hungry and they think about the rice portion first then the meat, so I think it's quite satisfying for us (or for me) except the unfriendly service (sometimes) when there are a lot of costumers on that day. Ah one more! It open til 3 a.m. so when you feel hungry and want to eat after midnight, then you can go there to eat something :) and the tea is FREE!

I think it's the longest restaurant review that I've ever written :) Ciao! Till next review! imageimageimageimage

Huttenstr. 69
10553 Berlin



Mo.-So. 10:00 - 03:00

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  1. kayaknya yang punya resto nih nge jampi2 kita para student indonesia deh..hampir semua student pertama kali makan diluar pasti kesini XD
    of course this is the longest review you've ever written, cause we have some sort of weird connection with this place,haha lebay =))

    1. hahahhaha.. iya yah,,, kayak org jualan soto, di dalam nun jauh di bawah panci sotonya ada kolor buat panglaris,,, kekekeekeke, mudah2an aja jampi2nya bukan kek di indonesia :))

    2. uiiiiiiiii, kenapa harus kolor =__='

  2. Replies
    1. liya enak tinggal ngesot *ngesot pake bis/ubahn maksudnya* .......... lha ak gimana dong???? *telan ludah*

    2. bumil boleh makan kubideh liy?

    3. asal kesana pasti pesen ayam, pas makan udah gak begitu nikmat soalnya mesti misahin arangnya wi.. hahahaha kesian ya, tapi berhubung nasi kubideh enak dibela2in.. sayangnya harganya 6 euro ya, jadi ga keliatan günstig lagi buat kite para student, porsinya juga makin dikit *loh?

  3. Replies
    1. ,kangen kubideh ney??? :) buat gih... :D

  4. Replies
    1. nurry chaaannn, kubideh naik jadi 6€ kata nesya...

    2. ya ampyuuun...yang naik lpg nya indonesia kenapa kubideh ikut2an naik XD


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