Warung Surabi

What is Surabi ?
Serabisurabi or called srabi is an Indonesian pancake that is made from rice flour with coconut milk or just plain shredded coconut as an emulsifier. Most of traditional serabi tastes sweet, as the pancake usually eaten with kinca or thick golden-brownish colored coconut sugar syrup. However another savoury version also existed that uses oncomtoppings. Each province in Indonesia has various serabi recipes corresponding to local tastes.
Serabi is a traditional cake that seems to originate from Java. ~Wikipedia~



(Left) vegetarian surabi, the toppings are oseng tempeh ( cooked tempeh with chili ), pickled radish & carrots, and bean sprouts. Taste? Hmmmmmm... I don't know ^^
(Right) Sweet surabi ( I forgot the name of this surabi )

This limonade is very good and very refreshing and tasted like the one in Indonesia!
It called gula asem, it was made from tamarind and brown sugar / palm sugar.
We believed that this drink good for health too (when you add turmeric),  like for women who are in their period, it can cleaned up your body from the inside and make less painful when you drink this regularly.

--> We were five people and tried like about seven different kinds of surabi. But I didn't take any photos except what I ate :)

When you ask me whether this surabi taste authentic like the one in Bandung? Honestly I won't say yes. But I tasted it long time ago, like when they just opened up this restaurant, so maybe they improved the taste by now. It tasted a little bit like surabi Bandung, because of the coconut batter, but the texture is different, it was fluffy, a little bit like a cake, it should be a little bit chewy and not to soft.

BUT, I think they're really creative and very brave to open this restaurant in Germany (Berlin). Because sometimes I think that some Germans afraid to taste new foods. So when it doesn't excite their interest, they'll just ignore this restaurant, even without taste it first. I think one year passed already, so this restaurant might be last for long time. I hope so.  \(^o^)/ 

Putri and her gula asem drink.

Warung Surabi

Hufelandstr. 16

10407 Berlin
Prenzlauer Berg

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