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So long I didn't write anything here. How are you guys? Hope all of you have a nice life whereever you are. Here in Berlin still in winter season. But not that bad as last month or December. The temperature was sometimes below 0°C and snow come and go. ( I think I will write in a very bad English, it's ok right? image)


Last year me and my bestfriend planned to go to look Neuschwanstein Castle in Hohenschwangau near Füssen. We want to look that very famous place. Because I must take my work holiday before March (or I won't have my year end bonus) and my friend can take her holiday in February. So we went there last week after postponed it for one year. Maybe I will post my journal  to the castle on my sisuperdui blog and here I will just review the food we ate there.

We checked in at 3 p.m. and because we're so tired, we decided to took a nap for two hours. After two hours we went outside to looked around the city. We couldn't go to the castle or the museum because they closed at 4 p.m.

Actually I think we made wrong decision to walked until 7 p.m. We thought we could eat after we finished the walk. But..... we're wrong.. a very bad decision...  We didn't eat lunch that day, we just ate chocolates and snacks, so even we didn't really felt hungry, we thought that we must have at least good dinner or we won't make it for tomorrow ( we are afraid that we will have stomachache or gastric problem ). So we found a restaurant where sell fish dish. But when we just opened the door. The waiter told us that the restaurant already closed and he suggested to try another restaurant across the street. He said it will open until 8 p.m.

I felt a little bit disappointed because we already know the menu at the other restaurant was not our favorite for that night. But that was not the problem. As we entered the restaurant. I felt really weird, people started to stared at both us (I don't know why but I thought it was because our veils covered our head)  and as we sat, the waiter with a very unfriendly gesture and manners told us that the kitchen was already closed and we can just have their cakes and drinks.We are a little bit surprised by that because we are there at 7 p.m. and the restaurant closed at 20:30. Still it was better than nothing, so we ordered apple pie plus hot chocolate with extra big portion of heavy cream for me and cheese cake plus cappuccino for my my friend.

*TIPS : you better have your dinner at 6 p.m. when you go here in the future.

As we waited of our orders to come. Another guests but from the hotel came. They are Korean for your information. The waiter came to them and told them in English that the kitchen was already closed. We watched him just want to know how his behavior  toward another Asians ( because he was really different towards the Germans ) . Bad for the Koreans. The father didn't really understand the waiter. So he still tried to order from the menu and the waiter explained again to him in not a very good way.

At first we thought that how people here or Bavarian people talked. Loud and so on. But as we watched him. He talked and complained about us the guests who didn't know time to order around here  with loud voice to his friend behind the bars  and of course in Germans. Maybe it was just us who in hunger state so we couldn't accept something like that or it was just us who really sensitive that day. We don't know. So we just ate our very sweet supper as fast as possible so we can go to our hotel and take a rest.

But as we paid our bills. He began to talk with friendlier manner to us. He asked me about our trip today, how unlucky for us because the bad weather this afternoon (it was a little bit foggy up there), where are we come from, and asked us to come again next time to go to the Marienbridge (it was close until May 2016). I just confused and so my friend and make a conclusion that the waiter isn't a rude person, he just like that, speak like that and behave like that.

The restaurant itself is typical Bavarian restaurant, covered with woods and so on. The cakes was good. But it was a little bit to sweet for me an my friend. It was not bad but not the best apple pie and cheesecake either.

>> Hot oats-chocolate with whipping cream and apple pie<<

>> Cappuccino and classic baked cheesecake<<

We went to the hotel straight away and hoped that the receptionist was still there because my friend really need hot water for her to drink. But sadly she already went home and we just went to our rooms and ate snack that we brought from Berlin. image


I tried to wake up on time. But it was really hard image . But at the end we went down to the restaurant at 9 a.m. to have our breakfast. They asked us what we wanted to have for drinks. So we decided to have green tea and of course hot water or my friend. The breakfast itself was a buffet. It was simple but still, it was good enough for both of us. We eat brötchen ( German buns ) with butter, cheese and jams and cornflakes with milk for me.

>> to busy to took a  photo during my breakfast, so i took one after. <<
After breakfast, we went to the castle and went around.  We bought some souvenirs and because we saw small stall which sell snack called quarkbällchen, we decided to bought that tiny little things and it was a good decision. The seller gave us the fresh fried ones. Pipping hot which is very good as the weather was really cold at time.

>>The curd balls (quarkbällchen) is a favorite in the Eifel cake that is now known as the "Little Mouse" or "Nautzen". <<

As we planned we went to the restaurant where we wanted to go to the night before. We like to taste their trout dish. So both of us ordered it and a glass of orange juice for my friend and lemon soda for me.

It was really delicious, fish, salad and by the way I know maybe it is funny but I really like the potatoes. the potatoes tasted buttery and really yummy. I love it! But of course the fish was good too.

>> Fried trout fish, boiled potatoes with butter and salad with mustard dressing<<

Before we ordered it. I told my friend that maybe they will give us a small portion (small portion for us not for another girl who cannot eat a lot.  ) and after I told her that, both of us started to think to ordered bog portion salad along the fish. But because our budget, at the end we just ordered the fish. Our foods came and like I said, the fish dish didn't really satisfy of stomach. I still craved for something and at that time I looked to the poster on our table. The photo of germknödel with vanilla sauce really tempted me. So before I couldn't think twice I order this sweet warm dessert. 

The germknödel always made me think about two places. One, Christmas market and second my part time job at the kitchen hospital. Both places served this dish every winter season. They germknödel was good and tasted the similar  like I ate in Berlin. 

>> Germknödel ([ˈɡɛɐ̯mˌknøːdl̩]Austrian German) is a fluffy yeast dough dumpling, filled with spicy plum jam and served with melted butter and a mix of poppy seeds and sugar on top. It is occasionally - even though less traditional - served with vanilla cream sauce instead. It is a culinary specialty of Austria and Bavaria. The dish is served both as a dessert and as a main course. <<

After we finished our meal there and wrote some postcards. We went to another castle and prepared to took the bus for our next destination. Nürnberg. So I will write another review about it in my nest post. Ciao!  and wait for the next post, please! image


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