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One bright image  day in  2013 ( not like this cold ( late ) winter time imageimageimage ) I went to Impala Cafe near my partime job place. Like always I went there after I felt that I need extra energy to keep 'alive' for the rest of the day, kekekeke.

So after I stood up above the subway station U2 Senefelderplatz, my eyes kept scanning all over the street, you know that this street are full of clubs, bars, stores, second hands shops, cafe and soooo many more interesting places from A to Z, from Rosa Luxemburg Platz till Eberswalder Strasse. Because I didn't have any special kind of foods that I wanted to eat at that time, so I choosed to search a cafe with my 'hawk' yet small eyes image and finally I my choice felt to this small cafe at the corner of the Schönhauser Allee.

I always wanted to go there when I walked past that cafe. The coffee aroma that really make me want a cup of coffee and the blackboard outside the cafe which told people what kinds of coffee that they sell inside and one of my interest is that they sell Toraja coffeebeans here. Hohohohohoo!! So with that kind of hope ( that I could taste Toraja coffee in Germany coffee shop --> How silly!!!! image ) I went in to the Impala Cafe just to found out that they just sell the well roasted Toraja coffeebeans and not sell a cup of toraja coffee. Na ja egal...

The cafe was not that big, it's small and split in two rooms, one for people who want to order, wait and go, etc and the other one is packed with sofas and secondhands or vintage chairs and tables. After I order with such a long time to think, I choosed a place at the corner of the cafe with  small scraped table and two chairs. Honestly my table is not that net or clean and I took the tissues the clean ( I'm not that kind freaky clean people, so you know how messy the table was )  but I think it's because they're to busy and sometimes people don't really understand what Selbstbedienung or self service in Germany means ( it's mean that after you eat, you take your plate and cups and another things to the counter!! ) But no problemo, the athmosphere was good, people chated each other and some people read a book and me? I kept looking outside the window, looked at the people passed by until my orders came.

After much tought I ordered one bagel-coffe menu. This menu consists of one bagel, one cappuccino and one small portion of brownie-cheese-cake. For the bagel we can choose the type of bagel that we want and the topping, so I ordered sesame bagel with smoked salmon.

>> Smoked-Salmon-Sesame-Bagel, Cappuccino, Brownie-Cheese-Cake<<

Huallaaa! Here are my orders. The bagel was soooo good, it was warm, the butter, the sauce ( I forgot what kind of sauce that is! ), the salmons, hmmmmmmm yummeh imageimageimage , it was like kind of melting in my mouth, when I compared this bagel with bagels from back factory, bagels company, and one other bagels shop that I forgot the name, this was the best among that four shops! The cappuccino was OK! ( I don't know much about coffee ) and the that small guys at the corner, the brownie-cheese-cake was absolutely good for desert except that small size, I need a big one IMPALA! image Kekekekkeke

All over it's good to eat here and I heard that actually coffee in this place was good ( like I wrote I'm not a coffee experts, so I can't tell you how good the coffee was )


Schönhauser Allee 173
10119 Berlin
Stadtviertel: Prenzlauer Berg


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  1. booo ngidam bagel nyaaaa enak bingit kayanyaaaa.... aaaagghhhhhsssss

    1. iya ney, smoked salmon nya pas banget sama bagel nya :)) duuh ini bumil :)) di jakarta ada yang jual bagel ney?

    2. ada ko bo...:) tapi ya ga kaya disana gampang gitu erreichennya... disini harus rapi2, siap2 macet, baru dapet... haha

    3. hahaha, iya juga yah ney... :))

  2. * with my 'hawk' yet small eyes* paling suka banget bagian yang ini... XD
    iya, terakhir ke jakarta baru menyadari, kalo jakarta itu has 'almost' everything..apalagi dalam hal makanan..

    1. sengaja Ly, buat orang2 yg bilang mataku itu sipit eh kecil. hahahahahaha.. yes, jakarta yang segala ada...


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