Sometimes I felt like I wanted to sped my money for food recklessly, without thinking I would like to go to all Japanese restaurant in Berlin, try every single foods that I can try. But soon after, I always regretted it. Why I did something like that. It is not like I earn so much money in a month. Then I will console myself. It's OK Dwi! Life to the fullest and food is one of your happiness ;)

I found Yoshioka on Yelp. It was last year, when me and my friend Ghita wanted to go to a restaurant after I helped her with her luggage that she wanted to sent back home. It was a little bit far away from my apartment, but when I saw the review, I told myself that it was worth it.

I didn't make a reservation, but most of the people on Yelp wrote that it will be better when we make a reservation before hand. Because it is a popular restaurant but not that big. So we went there and looked around then found a table for two people (Yess!!). The place is in a old building with high ceiling, I always like a high ceiling old building, it felt really nice. That day the restaurant was packed with people ( There were like 10 people together for a party and the rest were like us) so the waiters are very busy and I think the one who make the sushi is Yoshioka-san (the owner) you can see him in front of the sushi counter. 

After looked at the menu. I really interested on Kitsune-udon. Why? When you like to read manga especially mystery or horror manga, I think you would know what is Kitsune-udon. Kitsune is a Fox-God and he like to eat inari (sweet deep fried pouch tofu), so Kitsune-udon is a normal udon noodle soup with inari as the topping. 

>> Kitsune Udon with wakame (seaweed and inari as topping)<<

 >> It taste quite nice. But not special. Maybe because normally udon noodle soup always taste light, so it's quite normal to taste like that. Just don't put your hope high like me because the topping is inari. Kkekkekeke. I really love inari, because of that I was thought the udon would taste different with another udon that I ate in other restaurant.<<

Ghita ordered nabeyaki-udon, noodle soup with vegetables, egg and tofu which was made from fish broth (dashi). I didn't took a photo of it because I was to hungry to wait for her nabeyaki-udon. :) She ordered kaarage ( Japanese style fried chicken ) and a temaki sushi too, but I forgot what is inside her temaki sushi.

>> Temaki Sushi<<

Everything was there except the karaage. We asked them before whether they forgot her karaage. But they said not. We should just wait for a moment. Then we ate our meals happily. After a moment, I became frustrated, I always became a annoying woman when the food I order come to late, I know it was not even my order, but still. How come the kaarage was not there even after we waited for our meals and ate all of them?! I asked her whether she still wanted the kaarage or not. Because she said yes and maybe she could make it for take away later when she could not ate all of them. Then I decided to ordered a dessert, vanilla ice cream topped with sweet adzukibeans and wafer.

>> Adzuki Vanilla Ice Cream, nothing special with it <<

Maybe because it was a busy day for them, so the karaage came late :) But actually I don't think Yoshioka is one of my favorite Japanese restaurant. Like I wrote before, it taste quite normal nothing particular. But MAYBE  it was because the foods that we ordered. Maybe when we order another ot the special one, it will turn out very different. The price is little bit expensive. So I don't think I will try to  go there when I don't have enough money. But sure, will try it again some other time. They have a really quite interesting menu.


Brandenburgische Str. 77

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