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I know that I made this blog to review restaurants, but now I want to add the functions of this blog which is to write recipes of foods that I made and post the photos, so maybe this new functions can help some people who want to learn how to cook. Me myself don't have my own recipe nor I like to experiment with my own, but I like to try new recipe, when I think the previous one was a failure or the new one was better. So, I'll write somebody recipe full with the link and I hope the owner won't be angry. Once again, I didn't own this recipe

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Last month I bought one bundle of turnips which contain  three turnips on one bundle on Netto for my simple kimchi recipe, but at the end I just used one and after then the rest of the turnips have been sleeping well on my refrigerator. Winter comes late this year and it was really cold this days. I'm craving for soup to make me warm and I missed my hometown and my mom image, then I remembered my mom's soto bandung. Soto bandung is one kind of clear soup made from beef broth and it is typical food from Bandung, West Java my hometown in Indonesia.

Here we go. I used Keluarga Nugraha's recipe for this soto bandung, it's simple and taste really good. 

Dui's change :

1) I used turnip and not white radish. I don't know why but white radish I bought in Asian Market taste bitter after I boiled it, so after I found turnips and because of the taste is similar, I always use it instead the white radish for my cook. Turnips are bigger than white radish in diameter, so I cut it in quarter cut.

2) I didn't use ribs because it's expensive and I didn't use beef tripe either! Kekekekeke, I just used this boiled meat, which is good to make broth too because it contains of bone, fat and of course meat.

How  I made :

1) Boiled the whole meat until tender, always skim off the bad 'bubbles'.
2) I soak my raw soybean over night, drain the water then fry it, while I wait of my meat to become tender.
3) I cut, chop, and do anything else, watch movies, clean one part of house,  etc.
4) Boil turnip until just half done.
5) When meat become tender, lift it up, cut it into small pieces and put back on pot image , fill the pot with water when you think you have too little broth.
6) Sautee the condiment with some oil, after few minutes imageimageimage, when you can feel the aroma, put it on pot too.
7) Put the half boiled turnip to the pot.
8) Season it with salt, white pepper, sugar ( and instant broth, I know that I cheat, but I can just provide not that much meat, but my pot is big up to two litres, kekekeke )
9) Boil like 7 small chillies, lift it up when it become soft, crush it with mortar, give 2-3 tbsp of soup, then you have extra hot sambal.
10) TADDAAAAimageimageimage Serve it hot with lime juice and chillies !!

It's really refreshing dish, with lime  juice and chillies, WOHOOOOO!! image It warm up you cold day and really not that hard to make.


  1. ya ampun wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii MAOK!

  2. main sinih, request juga gpp klo mau, buat bumil apa sih yang enggak ;)

    1. tuh liy....buruan!!! minta macem2, yang aneh2 juga gak papa...mumpuuuuung....HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA

      3) I cut, chop, and do anything else, watch movies, clean one part of house, etc. ==> ngerebus daging nya berapa jam wi??? XD

    2. buahahaha ini juga my fave part >>> 3) I cut, chop, and do anything else, watch movies, clean one part of house, etc

    3. @Elly cuma 40menitan kok. kkekekeke, tp emang sempet nonton dorama sambil kebut2 kasur ly. kekekekeke

      @Riska hehehehe ;)


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