Mamecha ( Part I )

Mukashi mukashi... I saw photos from my friend on Facebook. She posted photos about this small 'japanese' cafe, from what i heard from her, the matcha cheesecake from this cafe was popular amoung the students, so I thought, they just cafe where people buy cakes or japanese sweets. But I was wrong! Until I found the blog from Mamecha.

On the blog, we can know the special menu of the day or other speciality for special occassion like new year. They serve Osechi on new year and of course it's limited, sooooo who is quick, he can eat it! Kekekeke.

Osechi-ryōri (御節料理 or お節料理) are traditional Japanese New Year foods. The tradition started in the Heian Period(794-1185). Osechi are easily recognizable by their special boxes called jūbako (重箱), which resemble bentō boxes. Likebentō boxes, jūbako are often kept stacked before and after use. -Wikipedia-

I never tried Osechi because I always have another thing with my friends or I'm not in Berlin at that time. Unfortunately there won't be Osechi for New Year 2014! T_T No problem! Maybe I can taste it on New Year 2015?! :D

Back to what I ate there people!! I ordered a vegetarian menu with miso-shiru and a glass of lemongrass tea, but I forgot the price. Gomenasai... T_T I think it cost about 7€-8€ include the soup?! I don't know anymore. Hehehe. This  menu was served on two level bento boxes ( Do you see the boxes???!! How adorable, right?! ).

Look that hexagonal bento boxes!! Kawaiiiiiii and of course it tasted yummeh! ^^

The first level box consist of fan-formed white rice and vegetable fried gyoza ( dumplings ).

White Rice and Vegetables-gyoza

The second level consist of salad with japanese dressing (it tasted sour but gooooood), hijiki ( black algae ) salad, spinach with japanese sesame dressing and the last one and one of my favorite japanese comfort food, tamagoyaki ( they're cold and sweet, umaii! ).

Mixed Salad, Hijiki Salad, Spinach with Goma-ae, Tamagoyaki

All over, the food was a very OK for me, it made my stomach full but not that full, so there is still place for dessert like mochi ice cream (I must to wait a few minutes tough, because the ice cream was so hard! But after few minutes, the ice cream'll be melted and I can cut it with the mochi skin and once again, it's good! Unfortunately I forgot to took photo for this dessert.Teehee! )

Aaahhh, i forgot! The lemongrass tea wasn't my things! Hehehe, it tasted hmmmm, weird?! It was just two or three crushed lemongrass then brewed with hot water, so you can imagine the taste, right?

When you asked me, what I want to eat next here, I want to eat the onigiris menu, they wrapped up the onigiris (three or four small onigiris) with dried bamboo leaves ( I think it's bamboo leaf ?! ) It's like on anime or historical dorama I watched. But I didn't have that chances now, maybe later?

I'll make Mamecha Review Part II, where i'll write about the cakes and sweets they sell. Wait for me guys and don't forget to check this cafe blog!

Mulackstr. 33, 10119 Berlin (Mitte)

Öffnungszeiten :
Mo - Sa                      : 12-20 Uhr
So  u. Feiertagen       : gesschlossen


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  1. kok asia semua ui??yang dari timur tengah belum nih XD

    1. Elly-chan :) kubideh sama falafel udh ada foto2nya tinggal di review. i bin einfach zu faul elly-chen :) tunggu aja... kekekekeke

      elly chen apa kabar?

    2. Alhamdulillah baik ui...kabarmu gimana??btw, tinggal dimana sekarang??
      membaca review2 mu ini bikin kangen 'hang out' an kita XD


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