I've found a Cafe near U-Bahn Rosa Luxemburg Platz. It's A.d.e.l.e.  The place is cozy and the owner is so lovely :D.

>> I really like that vintage lamp :D<<

Just one thing... It's cost me 7.9€ just for one Latte Macchiato (3.1€) + Waffle with banana and chocolate sauce toppings (4.8€)! Hehehe

>> My Choco-Banana Waffle with Latte Macchiato<<

You can see the review on >> << . But for me, it's indeed  good but not the best.

I made a short trip to Copenhagen last year and i found the best belgian waffles i ever had there. :D

>>That chocolate ice cream is melting on the top of Hot-Belgian-Waffle... YUmmyyyyyy<<

The shop is very famous (I think, you don't even need an address), because the place is near the harbour called Nyhavn, where is so many tourists went there to look at the ships or just have a sightseeing.


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