I. N. T. R. O. D. U. C. T. I. O. N

Hello , my name is Dwi , I come from Indonesia , since 2007 I was in Germany for my study , I now live in berlin , therefore my review will reveal much about foods and restaurants berlin

Although my English is not fluent (or you can say s**k :p) , I will try to write this blog in English , so please understand when you find  words or grammars errors .

A few months ago , I realized , that I had a lot of food photos on my computer , I just remembered , every time I took that photos in a restaurant, I intend to make a review of the restaurant , but alas , I  was to lazy to get started .

A few days ago I finally start to make a review about the restaurants, that I have ever visited in my personal blog . But  I felt something strange , my blog had  gray atmosphere with lots of 'trash' writings , while the blog for restaurant reviews should be cheerful and colorful , therefore I finally  decided to create this blog .

Because lately my financial situation is not adequate for a meal at the restaurant T_T. Kekekeke . First I will review about  restaurants, that i went there long long long time ago, so maybe there review won't be so up to date or maybe  I will not list the price because I forgot the details.

I was a fan of Asian food ( maybe because I'm asian , hahahaha ) , especially Japanese and Korean foods and that's why I will review a lot of asian restaurant than european or american : D

Thank you for stopping by my blog , please leave a comment and I hope this blog continues to grow and evolve :)



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