After watched the video on youtube, I always want to eat curry noodles. I found it on on HeNoHeNo-Menu. But I think it was made from the beef curry together with soup base for gyu-don.

Yesterday, I'm craving for noodles, but i didn't have any Indomie, Ramen, or Udon in my house ( I didn't want to go out because of bad weather T_T ). So I just opened my Facebook account and I didn't know how I got there, I just saw a Facebook-site for Susuru-Ramen. I looked the website and I drolled just from the menu i road. Kekekekekeke. Just check it out :)

I've just got my payment today and after worked I just passed this Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße and I remembered instantly Susuru! I just went there and after 10minutes walked (because of the wrong street)  I found Susuru.

The place is very good, modern and I think the owner ( waiters, chefs) are Japanese and maybe because it's night (20.15) so the place isn't crowded and cozy ( I just don't like the songs, hehehe, a little bit like slow-disco music ). 

The prices is little bit expensive but i think it's standard price of japanese foods in Berlin.

 I eat Shrimp Gyoza ( 3€ ) , 

I don't know, maybe many of you think it's expensive, but believe me, it's worth to try this!

Sansai Curry Udon ( 7€ ),

Don't forget to add Togarashi ( Japanese Chili-Powder) and it tasted like I think :) and I never know that it can be so delicious to eat walnut together with the noodles. Hmmmm. Lecker Lecker :))

and my fav Tea - Genmai cha -- tea with roasted rice ( 2€ ). 

The tea glass has same motif with the noodles bowl :) CUTE! 

So i payed 12€ and they satisfied me :)

**) One more. The all of the soup-base was made from fish :)


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