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So people, because my blog is veeeryyyyy sepi :D I'll write about cafe or restaurant, maybe with little bit review, informations and (of course) photos. Don't expect much, but i'll try to write it in English?! Kekekekeke.

Soooo here we go...

I really like to eat sushi but because i'm a poor student without much money in my bank account, i can just play the video on youtube over and over again, which is make things worst, because  at that time my craving feeling for sushi will up to the max on my belly gauge.

A long time ago, when i had a lot of money to eat (a lot of didn't mean that i have 1000€ or more, but i had extra money to buy expensive food. kekekke ), i'll eat in a sushi restaurant, which is of course serve sushi, appetizer and many more). There're a lot of sushi restaurant in Berlin, such as ISHIN in Güntzelstraße or Friedrichstraße (even the special ISHIN in Hardenbergerplatz -- i never been there T_T ), Goko in Rosa Luxemburg Platz, and so many more, but when i've for example 15€ and i want to eat a lot of sushi, then the all you can eat sushi restaurant is a good option.

One day, my long time friend came to Berlin, and suggested me to came with her to ate sushi in Sushi Club. So i went there with here of course to eat sushi. Here we go...

first round of sushi eating kekekekeke

I forgot how many sushi plate i ate, i think more than 20 plates! You know, i'm HUNGRY! I paid 12,90€ for the all you can eat sushi, and something like 4€ for big glass of ginger alle, and because i ate so much, i felt really happy ever after :)

most wanted sushi
Afterall this all you can eat sushi restaurant is  cheap (when you can eat a lot of sushi and have big stomach like me :D ) and good. Of course it isn't the best sushi restaurant in Berlin, but i think it's one of the best sushi all you can eat restaurant in Berlin.

Sushi Club
Wilhelmstr. 87 | 10117 Berlin

Mo - So von 12:00 bis 22:00

Lieferservice Mitte:
030 / 20 60 55 08


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