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When you want to read directly to the review that I wrote, please scroll down. Because I wanted to blabber a little bit about what happen to me lately. So, I broke my external harddisk (You can go to sisuperdui when you want to know how I stepped on it! Sigh! It is in Indonesian tough.) and for your information I saved all of my food photography for my blog there. Now I regretted a little bit. There are still so much review that I want to write, but without photos of it, it felt like I don't want to do it anymore and I kept blame myself , why I did something so stupid like that. But sh*t always happen and life must go on. So I tried to motivated myself to keep writing on this blog. Can you give me fighting spirit wherever you are?


Two weeks ago I and my flatmates wanted took our time together. But firstly they wanted to go shopping for a pair of new shoes, but I was to lazy to go with them. So I told them that they can go without me to the shopping mall and just called me before they go to the cafe and of course I was to lazy to think the destination too. Kekkekeke. Because of that, I told them specially that they should choose the cafe. 

After one hour (maybe two) they called me and give me the details of the cafe. The Cafe called Princess Cheesecake and it is not that far from my flat. I went by bus and it took me just like 10 minutes. When I was there. I just remembered, I know this place! I always passed this little cafe when I walked around Torstraße. This place looked like very expensive shop from the outside (of course it is just my opinion) and because of that I never have the urge to try this cafe. But fortunately, my flatmates brought me here.

>> This place actually little bit tiny but it is modern and  comfortable. I really like the cafe princess  sign on the wall (tough it difficult to see on the photo up there) <<

I took my time for awhile to looked at the cakes display in from of me. They have so many types of cakes. It tempted me, then I saw a paper on the display, they wrote that they will happily to answer every question about the ingredients on their cake, so it is really helpful for people who can not eat some types of ingredients. So I asked directly to the waiters, which cakes don't contain gelatin and alcohol. So she nicely explained it to me which one didn't contain gelatin and for alcohol, they dip all of the fruits in amaretto. I think they have like 4 or 6 types of cake that didn't used gelatin. So I chose Walnut Tart and glass of macchiato.

>> Walnut Tart was OK for me, it was a little bit to sweet for but it was good actually, it was quite moist (not too dry) and the walnut dough gave the cake texture and completed the chocolate based tart. <<

>> Toffee Cake was one of the cake that I wanted to avoid. From the name and the appereance I could tell that the cake will taste very sweet. As my friend bought it. I tempted to tried it and like I tought this cake was sweet. So I think I couldn't make a good review from this. Sorry. <<

>> American cheesecake was best of the best that we ate that day. It tasted not too sweet, a little bit sour, have a nice soft and fluffy (but not in cake consistency) which is my friend really like ( she don't like cake like sponge cake or kind of cake that used for classic birthday cake). But I think the base of the cake was a little bit too wet or mushy.I don't know why that happen, maybe the liquid from the cake went down as they baked. Don't know.<<

>> Cappuccino and Macchiato, the glas for the macchiato is really unique and tasted yummy too<<

The service was goog, the waitress really helpful and the place was really nice to chill out with your girlfriends, to chit chat here and there. Recommended one! Hope you enjoyed my review! See you next time! 

Princess Cheesecake

Tucholskystr. 37
10117 Berlin

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