A few years ago at the Alexanderplatz subway station there is a store called Pom Poms Crepes owned by a very kind japanese lady. This shop sells Japanese style crepes and ice creams with various flavors. At that time there aren't many stores that sell Japanese style crepes like Pom Pom did. In this store we can read comic books or Japanese-language magazines. The most memorable things for me was a board that we can attach a post-it-note that we had write first. We can write all the stuffs we like to write like messages, first impressions of this shop , etc.

However after the great earthquake and tsunami in 2011, the store is closed temporarily and finally completely closed without further information. 

( I found a video on youtube that review this shop, but it was made with German-language :) )

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Because Pom Poms Crepes closed for good   , me and my friends was looking for another shop for japanese style restaurant and  Ta Daaaaa!!!!   Google helped us find this shop called Crepestation, here they sell japanese style crepes and warm and cold drinks, and of course it was bigger and wider than Pom Poms Crepes place.

What is the differences between french ( or ordinary ) crepes shops with japanese style crepes shop? The japanese style crepes shop usually have a display filled with model foods made from wax in front of their store.

>> This yummy display always made me hard to decided what should I eat here <<

I ate Double Choc crepes for 3.5€ and Chai Latte for I don't remembered anymore :) Overall the foods and the beverages here were tasty enough for me, but for some reasons, I feel more comfortable in Pom Poms Crepe :) IMHO   

>> 'Reality' Double Choc Crepe <<
Someday I want to taste the savory crepes, like tuna crepes! imageimageimageimage


Pappelallee 58
10437 Berlin


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  1. iya, ak juga lebih milih pom2 crepes daripada ini..walaupun tempatnya emang lebih enak crepestation kalo buat kongkow2..

    1. setujuuuu.. tapi aku suka ibu2 penjualnya ly... sooo liieeb sama baik bgt...

    2. betul betul betul...poin paling penting itu, apalagi dalam hal jualan=RAMAH tapi sayangnya gak banyak Deutscher yang punya itu =)

  2. pom pom mengingatkan ku pada jalan pulang ke Keibel. Kalo bagian rasa, berhubung lidah gue ga setajam bo chan dan elly... gue ga ikut komen. hahahahaha

    1. hahahaaa. sekarang pom poms udh jadi buble tea shop yg kadang buka kadang tutup kek gak niat gitu neyy... sebenernya bukan masalah rasa sih ney, masalah subjektifitas.. kekekeke.. udh nyaman di sana jd mikirnya juga enakan di sana crepesnya :D


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