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It's time to review another restaurant! Kekekekeke.

Now is time for Korean Restaurant Core. I know this restaurant from my friend, who is a k-pop HARD-DIEfans, she know all about Korea (culture, language, dramas, musics, an so oooon).

I like the atmosphere in this restaurant, when it's not full of people (which is always happen in lunch-break time or something like dinner time) Core was very quiet in a good way of course. There is no k - pop music like another korean restaurant  for modern young people , and the waiters here were friendly . The first time I was here , I ordered bibimbap , which is served in a hot stone bowl that made zzzzzzzzhhh zzzhhhh sound and very tempting , but be careful when mixing red sauce on top of bibimbap , the smell will go everywhere and stick to our clothes , but for me personally , I don't feel that it is a problem , as the food is very hot , if you are not careful , it can burn your tongue . :)

>> Dolsott Bibimbap, look at that sunny side up fried egg!! <<

I finally returned to the Core with my housemate . She ordered a set menu,  that I think is very complete set menu with  price about € 7 . In this menu set we get to choose between doejang jjigae ( fermented beans soup ) or miyuk guk ( seaweed soup ) and served with rice , roasted seaweed and korean banchan or side dishes ( kongjorim / black beans side dish , Yeon-gn jorim / lotus root side dish , gamjabokkeum / potato side dish , sauteed zucchini , buchim dubu / tofu side dish , and of course our beloved kimchi , hehehe ) . I think this menu is very fit to be eaten at lunch and not dinner , kekekeke , because in the end we were stuffed and sleepy , so lazy headed for home .

>>CORE Menu Set<<
while for my own , as usual I ordered bibimbap and kimchi ordered an extra one ( which is actually every time ordering food here , you will get a free small plate of kimchi ) with korean ginger tea .

>>Roasted Rice Tea, Dolsot Bibimbap, Kimchi<<

>>Korean Ginger Tea<<

They gave us free vegetable dumplings too, to be eaten as an appetizer .

Jjampong or seafood noodle soup here is also delicious, it's spicy and very diverse , from squid , fish until the mussels and I think it is better to eat jjampong warm and not hot because when we eat this soup hot , then the taste won't be obvious, but when the soup was cool down a little bit, the we can taste the spiciness and deliciousness favor .
>>Green Tea, Kimchi, Beans Side Dish, Jjampong<<

>> JJampong <<
One of my experience here is when I eat bibimbap for first time , because at that time I was the only customer who was there, the chef of the Core which is actually middle age lady , came up to me (who ready to eat after  I mixed alltogether)  while looking at my bibimbap bowl,  she said, "Good ! That's correct way of eating bibimbap " . It turned out when the Germans eat bibimbap , they do not mixed it together with gojuchang sauce but they takes one -on-one topping that is on top of the rice of bibimbap . So people, plese mix it well before you eat bibimbap. OK? Kekekekeke...

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