Nazuna ( closed ) -- update --

It was closed but I really wanted to share this lovely shop with all of you...

Nazuna is one of my favorite place to spent my time. Why this place one of my favorite? First they sold Japanese cakes, pastries and foods, the cake are interesting, you could find cakes that you won't find in other cakes shop. Because of that I always took a full course meals for myself. I started with the bento and ended it up with dessert and tea. At the end I always had a big smile on my face when I went out of the store. Satisfaction! Nazuna never failed me!Second because the shop was really cozy. 

I've tried some different bento boxes. Like the one with tofu or the one with fish or the one with onigiri (japanese rice ball). They tasted really good! I really like the salad dressing. The portion is big enough for me to fill up my stomach.

>> Bento Box with battered fish , saute roots vegetables , salad with Japanese dressing, boiled spinach with sesame dressing, white rice with seaweed sprinkle (aonori), a small piece of cake and fruits<<

>> Bento Box with white rice topped with seaweed sprinkle (aonori) and salmon sprinkle  , saute beans mixed with carrot (soy sauce based) , salad with Japanese dressing, boiled spinach with sesame dressing, , a small piece of cake and fruits<<

Onigiri tasted really good, it was much much better that the one that was made in mass production. The rice was fluffy and not cold as the mass production one (because the mass production one have longer expiration date and the re-seller tend to put in refrigerator and sometimes make the rice like uncooked mushy rice). I've tried the one with salmon and one with tuna. Oishi!

>> This is onigiri (rice ball) bento box. It contain one onigiri (they have more than three types of filling for the onigiri, I think this one is salmon or tuna onigiri), boiled spinach with sesame dressing, tamagoyaki (sweet Japanese egg roll), edamame and I forgot what the orange one was, maybe a type of potato or pumpkin salad. <<

 Even they gave small portion of dessert and fruits, I still craved of their cakes and pastries because they tasted good and beautifully made. It made you want to try all of the cakes on the display T_T

>> Swiss roll cake with strawberry cream fillling topped with confectioners sugar. Tasted really good. Not that sweet. Fluffy and creamy. You can definitely taste the strawberry on the strawberry cream.<<

>> Japanese (Tofu?) Cheese Cake, I really like this Japanese cheese cake. It tasted not too sweet, the texture is a little bit firm but still soft. They topped the cheese cake with sweet black beans. I forgot how the bean tasted. But I remembered how the cheese cake melted in my mouth. Ah! This cheese cake was not that sour like the American or the German one.<<

Last year I went there to bought chocolate boxes for my friends and when I took my time to chose cakes and chocolate the owner asked me whether I did known already that they will closed the shop at the end of the year. I really shocked about the closing information that she told me. Then I asked why it was so suddenly and she said actually they glued a paper on the  display. They wrote everything on that paper. She explained it again to me, why she would closed the shop. She wanted to concentrated to make chocolate and because of that, even the shop not there anymore, I can still find Nazuna online, but this time they won't sell small cakes and pastries but chocolate and big cakes like birthday or anniversary cakes instead. She apologized to me that she gave such sad information for me and told me to tell my friends who sometimes went there with me and thanks me for my time there as one of their costumer. Isn't it lovely?

>> She gave us this 'broken' chocolates as tester, they are matcha (green tea), roasted sesame, and yuzu (type of citrus) chocolates. The roasted sesame chocolate tasted a little bit weird for my taste bud, they definitely had strong roasted tasted. But the other two are quite good actually.<<

One think that indeed I regretted until now. I didn't try the mount-blanc (cake with sweet potato paste topping). I really wanted to try it!

It was really unfortunate for such a shop to closed down. I hope there will be such a shop again pop up in the future and please support the 'new Nazuna'.


I'm really happy to share this with you. See you next time. Bye! 


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