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Like I wrote before on my Hohenschwangau Trip, now I would like to review what me and my friend Sari ate when we spent 2 days and 3 night at our lovely couple friends in Nürnberg. Nürnberg is a beautiful city , except the gloomy weather we had. It has really nice old town in the entre of the city. Even we just walked around the city central, it is still enough. Maybe when we had more time, we should try to explore another part of Nürnberg.

From Füssen we need to change our train in München. We had one hour transit time in München Central Station, so we decided to take our dinner in the station ( so later we could just prepare our bed preparation when we arrived in Nürnberg without being hungry ). Actually, we didn't feel that hungry. But we just  had this urgency to feed our stomach. At first we would like to try Uzbekistan Restaurant, but because we just had one hour and it not worth it when we at our dinner in hurry. The decided to took a stroll in the train station, like you know, There are so many restaurant and a food court, but we decided to have our dinner in a small Asian Restaurant  called ASIAHUNG.

My friend ordered this. I forgot the name but it tasted refreshing, like a noodle salad, but I think they cooked it tough in a wok. when you want something light for your meals, I think this dish is good. Rice noodle topped with many greens like arugula, carrot, iceberg salad, fried tofu and not to forget the roasted peanuts and onion. But at the end we agreed, that this dish somehow felt a little bit oily.

For me, I ordered this fish dish. At first I wanted to order it because they write fish with miso sauce on the menu. I felt curious at that moment, wanted to try it. But as soon I saw the real thing, at instant I disappointed with myself, why I ordered it! Kekekeke. I didn't find the miso sauce that I want, alas the waiter asked me what kind of sauce I want, feel confused, I blabber and said sweet sour sauce! And I regret it! Nothing special with this.

Next morning we had breakfast at my friends house, to lazy to go outside to have a brunch (because we woke up pretty late to called it breakfast ). We started our 'morning' with a sip of caramel macchiato and make me think to buy a coffee maker like theirs and a very nice and sweet little surprise for me, a fudge cheese brownie with a candle on it! Just for your information, I was born in February.

The cheese brownie that my friend made was really really delicious! Maybe for some of you chesse and chocolate in a cake was a little bit no no. But for me it was a perfect combination and not to mention that fudge brownie is one of my favorite cake. So this cake was very good!

The husband of my friend took an errand from his wife. He went to the market to buy chicken breast for our dinner. My friend wanted to cooked mie ayam  bakso and when he came back home, he gave us this pretzels from Bretzeln Kolb. He really proud of this pretzels made in Nürnberg because they are different than a normal pretzels back in Berlin. They have topping on it. You can choose the plain one (without topping), savory (different kind of cheese, herbs, salads, etc) or sweet (cinnamon sugar, white sugar, etc). After we took a bite of it, indeed this pretzels are waaaayyy better than the one in Berlin.

I don't eat pork and most of the pretzels here was made with pork substance (like maybe pork fat). Interesting is Bretzeln Kolb have a motto : "Good Pretzels don't need Pork!" .  So here I am, one of  fans of Bretzeln Kolb , thank you to made it without pork. Kekekeke. My friend said, the most delicious was with the Camembert cheese. I tried pretzels with the cinnamon sugar too, it's OK but it tasted not like a pretzels, the made it like a doughnut shaped like a pretzels, I know, when the put granulate sugar on normal pretzels, it won't stick and maybe it will tasted weird too! When you buy it in Nürnberg Central Station it will cost you more than when you buy it in the street vendor, because they put more salad on their savory pretzels, but for I prefer one without salad.

As we took a stroll in the city, we didn't forget to buy Nürnberger Lebkuchen. I forgot to took a picture of it (just google it when you want to know about it) but it tasted quite good and a little bit pricey (9,99€ for five Lebkuchen but it still worth it to try it once). Lebkuchen oder Pfefferkuchen is a traditional German baked Christmas treat, somewhat resembling gingerbread.

After took a stroll in the city and fight with the rain we came back home at 6 p.m. I felt really hungry and our dinner was still in raw state. My friend started to make mie ayam (noodle with sweet soy sauce marinade chicken ) and I ate my 'appetizer' which is not an appetizer but a main course actually. Then later after I finished it I helped my friend to make another side dish for our noodle, which is bakso (beef meatballs).

This is my 'appetizer' : mixed rice, cap cai and tofu omelette. Cap cai or cap cay is a Hokkien-derived term for a popular Chinese Indonesian stir fried vegetable dish that originate from Fujian cuisine.  

And Tadaaaaaa! Proudly present homemade chicken noodle soup with meatball. It was super! Tasted really good!

Next day, which is our last day in Nürnberg. We took another stroll in the city and end up came back home at 4 p.m. My friend treat us Döner Kebab near her house. The restaurant called Cesme. When you walk in front of this restaurant, you will always see a restaurant that always full of people eat inside. Maybe that a sign that cesme is a good restaurant. So we ordered three dürüm kebab with calf meat and one döner kebab with turkey meat. 

Dürüm Kebab with lamb filling. Was the taste different from the one in Berlin? The answer is YES! Someone told me, the best dürüm oder döner in this world is in Berlin. Why? Because Berlin is city of origin döner. Even the döner in Turkey is not that tasty as in Berlin. Is that just a myth? Who knows. But sure was this dürüm is not the best dürüm I ever have. The meat taste not quite familiar with my tastebud and my friend told me the same secretly but she said the one with with turkey meat was really delicious.

And that is the end of my food story from my holiday last month. Bye. See you next time.

Asiahung Restaurant

Bayerstraße 10 A

80335 München
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Brezeln Kolb

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Cesme Restaurant

Gostenhofer Hauptstr. 29

9044 Nürnberg
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