Two and Two

Long long long time ago. I felt the urgency to took my time alone. In the middle of nowhere in Berlin. I took the subway and thinking about what should I do now and there I am. Alone in the subway number 7. I surfed a cafe in Google near the subway station and I found a review about Two and Two cafe in the near of Hermannplatz. The first thing that caught up my interest was a photo of a choux cream (cream puff) which is look really yummy and at the review they wrote that you can find Japanese stationery here. Without thinking twice. I went there. But it open at 10 a.m. I was there at 9 a.m. So I had one hour before I could get in there. I took a walk down the street and found a ramen restaurant Men-men and gyoza restaurant YuMe directly opposite of Two and Two cafe.

Two and Two (22) cafe
In the afternoon Hermannplatz is a busy place. To many people, to many cars and to far away from my apartment. So I rarely go here. But actually this part of Berlin is quite interesting and multicultural too. Maybe when I have time I will explore this area more often.

The cafe is very cozy and they provide free WiFi ( be happy o you WiFi hunters, kekeke ), so I think this place is quite famous for people who want to do their work outside thw workplace or the university. I read somewhere that sometime this cafe change to their restaurant mode and sometimes you must to make a reservation for it. 

How could you not like this kind of cafe?

They write their menu in an interesting way:)

What did I ordered? I ordered pumpkin spice latte ( because I really curious about the taste, I never tried this drink ever in my life, so at that time this menu is a must to try menu) and pineapple cake, why not choux cream? Because on that day I didn't find that on the display and to shy to asked why they didn't have it on the day I went there! Kekekeke

Pumpkin spice latte. Taste? Not my favorite. Not bad at all. Just weird. I prefer a normal coffee or tea when I go there again

Pineapple Cake. It smelt really sweet, like a burn caramel fruity things, I think they used canned pineapple. Overall this cake is good and I like the burned part of this cake. It taste like traditional Indonesian caramel cake.

I just looked at their Facebook and I found they have Matcha Cream Puff last week! OMG!

Two and Two

Pannierstr. 6
12047 Berlin

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