Why the name is Rosenburger? Did they sell burger with rose petal? Nope! It is because the name of there street where this restaurant is located -- Rosenthalerplatz -- Simple isn't it? Okay I'm just don't know what I should to write for the opening for this post, so I just blabber like that.


I went to Rosenburger with my flatmates , two funny girls ( another one had some business to do, so she couldn't make it to hang out with us ). Why hamburger? Because I craved of it. Kekekeke. So I asked my friend whether she want to go with me to eat at Rosenburger or not and she said (of course) one big yes!

First just both of us went there, later my other flatmate came after the school. The place is not that bih but not that small too, they have like maybe four long tables outside, so I think it'll be crowded outside when summer come. There are three of four man who work in the kitchen and don't forget here is a self service restaurant. They will call you when your order is ready and you can pick it up on the counter.

Both of us are hungry girls, so we decided to order two veggie burgers and one chili cheese french fries and when we are still hungry after we eat that, we will order another veggie burger and share it  again. We ordered one spinach burger and one breaded cheese burger.

>> Spinach Burger<<

>> Breaded Cheese Burger <<

It was good and the portion was OK too for girls, I don't know about guys (because I think they really have another stomach on their rucksack, so they can just change it when it full, kekeke), The fries is good too, with a little bit hot kick from pickled  jalapenos, I really like it.

>> Chili Cheese Fries <<

We almost finished our round one, she (my other flatemate) came and she ordered one spinach burger and one swirly fries (I don't remember the name, sorry). Soon after, I finished my meal and so my friend and we were still a bit hungry, of course because of that reason we ordered again one veggie burger, the classic tofu burger :) and we ate almost 3/4 portion of my friends swirly fries. Kekekekeke

>> Tofu Burger<<

After we finished all the foods and drinks, we felt really really full. So we went home happily ever after.


Brunnenstr. 196

10119 Berlin

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