Korean Food Stories

image     I found this restaurant by accident. I was on my way home from my part time work waited on the tram stop, it was so boring that day and at some point I just looked randomly to the back side of the tram stop. First I just looked the cars moving forward then I spotted small restaurant with  Hangul (Korean alphabetic writing) -style banner. Because of my curiosity, without second thought I ran away, crossed the street.    image

front view of the restaurant from tram stop

Like I thought, the restaurant is new, I could smell new furniture on that restaurant and of course smell of pink lily flowers (I don't know whether that flowers are lily or not) that I always remember because Tampopo (my old workplace) always had this kind of flowers every week back then.


A beautiful owner image came out from the kitchen, asked me what I want to order. She explained it with very kind manner and of course with bright smile too. I really like her on the first sight. Then I ordered one bibimbap with soy sauce marinade tofu and one homemade ginger lemonade ( I always order homemade lemonade in a restaurant when they have it on their menu ). 

Fun facts about bibimbap, please read it before you eat your bibimbap :)

*After my order, a man came and ordered bibimbap with Korean beef, the owner asked him whether he like it spicy or not and the man said confidently to give him the spicy one. The owner smiled and asked him again, really? It will be really spicy and he just nodded , then the owner said that she will give him the normal one. I think she did that because she thought it is spicy for her (native Korean ) and sometimes there is overconfident European who really think that he/she can really eat spicy things ( I don't say that every European are like that , but sometimes I always meet someone like that once in awhile ). By the way, he ordered it to take away, so I couldn't confirm myself whether he is really a spicy food fans of not. Kekekekeke. imageimage

The interior of the restaurant is very modern looked. With woods ornament for the tables and the chairs. The accessories on the wall are very family oriented (family photos, etc). But I didn't  like the smell (it didn't smell bad, I think it was smell that you can find from a new room/place, I don't know how to explain it, sorry, but once again, I swear that it didn't smell bad).

I like the interior of this restaurant

So after a while she came with my order,  I could hear sizzling sound from the hot bowl. I really excited! After took photos of it, I started to mix my bibimbap. The smell of my bibimbap a LITTLE BIT like Chinese fermented stink  tofu. It smelled not that bad like the stink tofu but just slightly like it. On the table there is Korean seasoning sauce ( I believe it ) called Yang-Nyeom-jang/ganjang, a seasoning based from soy sauce, and go-chu-jang which is I believe she mix it by herself with another seasoning.

Left --> Right :  Yangnyeomjang, Gochujang, Tofu Bibimbap, Ginger Lemonade

Overall, I didn't think it is my best bibimbap that I ever have. The rice is a little bit mushy for me, maybe because she heated again with the hot bowl or maybe my tongue prefer the cold bibimbap with (not) mushy rice and the tofu is just not have any click with my tongue that time. Maybe the bibimbap with the Korean beef or the sandwich will be a better choice. But I like the ginger lemonade and of course  the place too. image


* I just take a look their facebook page and I think they developed new menu for the restaurant. It really interesting, so maybe I will come again to try their new menu image aaannddddd imagebye until next review.

Korean Food Stories

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