Çarik Kuruyemis

I went to this place with my friend after we bought super duper heavy groceries for a party. Because we went shopping in Seestr. so I thought why don't we have brunch at Çarik? Çarik is a turkish shop where you can buy turkish sweets like candies, turkish delights, dates, cakes, soups, and one more Kumpir.

What is a kumpir?

Kumpir, a baked potato with various fillings, is a popular fast food in Turkey.[12] In its basic form, it is made with potatoes that are wrapped with foil and baked in special ovens. The potatoes are cut straight down the middle[clarification needed] and the insides are mixed with unsalted butter and puréed with kaşar cheese.[13]However, all sorts of foods can be added to the potato: mayonnaiseketchup, pickles, sweetcornsausage slices, carrots, mushrooms and Russian salad. The cafés in OrtaköyIstanbul make kumpir that are especially popular with the tourists and offer even more ingredients. ~Wikipedia~ 

You can choose all of the toppings they have, like really all of them with the same price. But because I don't really like everything to be on my kumpir like for examples olives or pickled pepperoni or feta cheese, so like you can see on the picture, that were my favorite toppings (tuna, sausages, carrot salad with mayo saffron, noodle salad)

Then I ordered kumpir and turkisch (black) tea and my friend Nesya ordered breakfast menu. The breakfast menu consist of bread buns (Brötchen) , salami, olives, salads, cheeses, and you can choose whether you like to have your menu with omelette or turkisch sausages, of course the black tea is free for the one who order breakfast menu.

The place itself have oriental ambiance, the floors, the wall ornaments, the woods ornaments and of course the people who eat there (there are so many turkish who eat here, so don't be bother to ask the quality of this place), and of course when it is not packed with people, this place is quite comfortable. That time was my first time to eat there. Years before, I always ordered kumpir for take away, because my old apartment was near Seestr.

I know, maybe some of you will be shocked to see this picture. Yes, we (two girls) ate all of this. But I secretly hide two buns on my groceries bag, because I couldn't eat anymore. My stomach felt really really really full. I think after this, I'll eat Kumpir alone but at home or share it with other friend who don't order anything else. Kekekeke.  

My friends gave me this cakes from Carik Kuruyemis for my 20th Birthday. Because they didn't make an extra order for the cake. So they just buy eight pieces cakes and stake it together so we can have this wonderful birthday cake. 

Çarik Kuruyemis

Müllerstr. 39

13353 Berlin

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