Do you believe in fate? I do! I never imagine that I cansee this table again after Tampopo closed down on 2012.
I asked Sato-san about this tables  and he said that I'm right, the tables come from Tampopo


My all time favorite tea, Genmaicha ( tea with roasted rice puff)

Dwi's choice : 

Sake - Katsu - Teishoku

It's a bento with many katsus ( deep fried bread crumbs things ), I wanted to have sake shioyaki at first, but they didn't have it, so I have this chosen instead.
The menu contains Sake (Salmon)-Katsu, Eggplant-Katsu, I think Mushroom-Katsu?? (I don't really remember though), salad with japanese dressing, miso soup and white rice.

Inarizushi as my favorite sushi.

Fried tofu pouched filled with sushi rice.
Sweet aburaage is the best!


It's a  vegetable - seafood tempura bento and it was served with rice,
tsudemono (pickled vegetables), fruits and dpping sauce for the kakiage.
*Notes : I didn't eat it in one day! ^^

Putri's choice :

Yudofu ( hot tofu )

Likes it name, it's literally just hot tofu. I think they just boiled tofu, vegetables, wakame, naruto, surimi and eggs together, so it taste really bland (there is no taste at all), but they served it with special sauce (I don't know what is inside this sauce) and takuan (yellow pickled radish).

Ghita's choice :

Chicken Teriyaki Bento  

Bento with chicken teriyaki, white rice, (little bit) tsukemono and miso soup (I don't remember where she paid extra for the soup or it's include in the menu)

Sari's choice :


It's grilled/fried (yaki) salmon with just salt (shio). So it taste like normal salmon :)

Tadaaa! I know maybe you don't want to see my face :)) But this is maybe a little early farewell for Ghita. She treated us this foods because we helped her packed her belonging which are to be send to Indonesia. She went back for good after finished her study here in Germany. Well... Sayonaro, til we met again! Auf Wiedersehen Liebe Ghita!


Kantstr. 118

10625 Berlin

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