When you are in Senefelderplatz subway and like to see the advertisement corner, you'll see the banner of Marubi Ramen. They have quite eye catching motto. It's  "No Ramen, No Life" ( or something like that, I don't remember anymore :p )

They have display foods outside their restaurant, so for you who maybe don't really sure what to eat here, you can consider it while you look at the display food. The place is quite small, there are three tables for two peoples, another three tables for four peoples and of course there are tables outside (which is open at the summer and winter time ).

they use woods to decorate their ramen shop

What I had for appetizers

The vegetables gyozas are super duper yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think the filling was made from spinach, glass noodles maybe some kinds of nuts, garlic, etc ( I don't know anymore :p ). It's good to eat it without the sauce, but it is really good with the sauce! I think the sauce was made from soy sauce and chili oil ( rayu ).


 But I don't think the cucumber salad with miso sauce was that good. Maybe because it said miso, so my thought was the salad will be a little bit sweet and salty like goma-ae ( japanese sesame seeds sauce ), but the reality was, the salads was to salty for me and kind weird. I don't know, maybe it's just not in my preference, maybe you'll like it though. Just try it by yourself before you judge it :)

Now the main course, I ate a vegetarian version ramen in Marubi. The vegetarian one doesn't have any soup on it like normal ramen. The chef just pour a little amount of thick broth to the noodles, it's a little bit similar like lomie ( when you know what lomie is :)) ). What about toppings? They gave me ( like you can see on the picture ) green pods, sweet corn, mushrooms, dried lily flowers, green onions and not to forget the soy base meat which is has taste like chicken and beef.

What? Fake meat? It tasted quite nice actually, the seasoning was good and seep into the 'meat'. Just try it and maybe you'll like it like I do. 

Marubi Ramen

Kollwitzstr. 47

10405 Berlin
Prenzlauer Berg

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