I heard Barcomi's for the first time from my macro economics teacher at college. She told us about how Barcomi's become so popular and have big profits just years after it opened, of course she told us how good the cakes in Barcomi's too. People with  sweet tooth will love this shop she said.

My partner in crime
eating to much sweets is a crime >.<

Long after, I'm craving for sweet thing. So my friend told me to go there with her. Then here we are, at the Barcomi's.  For the first timer, maybe it'll be a little bit confusing to find this place. This place is located slightly hidden behind building complex. Just try to find the right gate and find the sign. 

There are so many options for the cakes and drinks. I think there are breakfast options too. My friend said that the Barcomi's cheesecakes are really popular. Her favorite is brownie marble cheesecake. But because we went there a little bit to late around 6 p.m. , all cheesecakes were sold out except the chocolate espresso cheesecake. With heavy heart she ordered that cheesecake and a carrot cake for me.

chocolate espresse cheesecake (far one)
carrot cake (big one)

The cakes was really good. They have their own signature, like you ( maybe ) can't find anything like their cheesecakes everywhere. So I think it's worth it to try Barcomi's even just for one time. :)

cappuccino and hibiscus tea

For you who likes to bake, maybe you can buy Barcomi's cookbook :)


Sophienstr. 21

10178 Berlin

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