Lecker Song

I know that I'm really a lazy girl. So before my photos become a waste, I will just upload my photos and then I'll make a review when I'm not lazy ( when am I not lazy?  Good question actually and probably I don't have any answer for it )

Cozy little space, it was really crowded when I went there for the first time
and because of that I went home even I didn't try it.

Can you see golfishes on my cup?

Sanse ( Dumplings with shrimps and shallots filling
and of course with mushroom, bamboo shoots and carrot as toppings ) 
Vegetable dumplings with green beans, seeweeds and carrots fllling

Xiao Jiao ( Dumplings with shrimps and bean sprouts filling )


Lecker Song

Schliemannstr. 19

10437 Berlin

Prenzlauer Berg

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