The Barn

For a long time, I just passed this coffee roasting cafe with full curiosity, this place is (always) full packed with people, young, old, children. I can see what is inside because maybe they have this transparent cafe concept, they use this transparent glass for the front side of the building, so you can see trough their activities inside, barista make fresh coffee for customers, people chit chat here and there, somebody ask about the coffee to the boss, or simply wait for their coffee to serve. Isn't that very interesting  to look from outside the cafe?

Months after, I successed made my mind and my foot to have one direction, to go to the barn and try their coffee. First, I really confused, what should I choose, what if the coffee is to sour for me, and another stupid question. So I take time to look the cards in front of their coffee beans bag, they describe it really well ( I think ), but still I don't really understand the words mild , sweet etc on coffee >> pardon me for that <<. Tadaaa... A man came to me and asked me a very random question about James Bond film, how sad that 'M' died in Skyfall and asked me what did I think about it, I just smiled at him and answer it with my bad English. You know what? I think he is the owner of The Barn Schönhausserallee. How random. 

So I tried this one coffee, I know, I forgot the name and I forgot whether it is an espresso or a filter coffee. What I remembered, a woman called my name and she asked me if it's my first time here, so I said yes, then she explained me how they brew the coffee, how and why they use AeroPress coffee properties, and Hualaaa.. A cup of coffee in front of me. A sip that made my brain freeze, bitter. But the experience itself for me is very good and interesting and the crews are really kind too. Not to forget that I tried their Pastel de Nata ( infamous egg tart from Portugal ).

>> ice latte and pastel de  nata <<



>> Have you ever watch Granpa Over Flowers? They went to Lisbon and tasted pastel de nata in a very famous bakery, and they said, before you die, yoou must try their Pastéis de Belém . After I watch that, to try it in Lisbon be my wish list before I die ^^ << 

The ice latte was made from cube iced coffee and the barista will pour milk to the cup then we wait until the coffee ice cube  melt --> tadaaaa your ice latte is ready.

You can check everything on their website, types of coffee, merchandises, coffee presser like aeopress, french press, etc.

The Barn 

Schöhauser Allee 8

10119 Berlin 


Auguststrasse 58 
10119 Berlin



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