Kauf Dich Glücklich

This place saves memory, my memory with my friends studying in berlin, memory when I was a teenager at a new place, where we gather just for the 'selfie' photos like Onion Head Emoticons 81 . After years, the place is transformed, changed into more comfortable place for me, so I'm very happy now and want to linger more at this cafe.


>> Second room near the toilet, I think I should make a photo of their toilet, they have really cool toilet room design, which is for me a little bit weird when I see a big sofa there <<

This cafe is famous among young people in berlin who  maybe just want to find a place to hang out. In the past, this place does look very nice from the outside, but once you got inside, the place is like a second-hand goods, dusty, dimly lit, and I personally do not really like the state of the place, but their waffel, ice cream are really good . :) But like I wrote before, they changed it! No more so dusty like before, they made cool interior design and they sell another goodies like bags, cups, toys, etc.


>> The price of this goodies  are diverse, there are cheap one and expensive one, but overall they are really cute, unique and good stuffs. <<

Last week my friend and I came here spontaneously. First, we went and ordered our order, we ordered waffle with a sprinkling of powdered sugar and chocolate ice cream plus two glasses of cappuccino, after we ordered we pay in advance, then we can choose where we want to sit. I really like to sit at the corners of this cafe.


>> Retro feeling with shabby 'rose' round table and cool 'linen' standing lamp <<

The waffle is fresh, they made it per order, yummy, fluffy and not too sweet and I think they made their own ice cream too. My favorite ice cream is their chocolate-orange. Coffee? Cappuccino? It's good too ( I think I never know what good coffee is, really sorry Bobo & Toto Emoticons 31 ), when you want cold drink, maybe you should try their mint-lemon-something lemonade, it's really refreshing and can take away your thirst.


Price? I think it won't make you broke when you buy waffle and drinks here =), you can buy waffle from 2,5€ ( for plain waffle with powdered sugar) and maybe a cup of tea for 2€ , so it's pretty decent price to hangout, right?

One more, I just read on their website and just know that Kauf Dich Glücklich is not just a cafe! They have fashion outlet and online store. Not just in Berlin ( they have four branches just in Berlin ), they have branches all over the country here in Germany. WOW! So please check out their website for further information. Thank You!

Auf Wiedersehen ! 

Kauf Dich Glücklich

Oderbergerstr. 44

10435 Berlin


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