Because my friend miss me ( or miss my writing? ) kekeke, I have now a spirit to write a new restaurant review.

About two years ago, I went to Oriental Asian Store to bought some asian groceries near S-Bahn Charlottenburg on a hot day, after that suddenly I felt tired and hungry, so I just walked trough the streets ( Wilmersdorferstr - Kantststr is a street full of stores, restaurants and has practically everything! Just think what you want and you can find it here ) and found this small thailandese restaurant.

In front of the door they taped a paper that said all meals costs 5€. Wohoooo! I think it's a good bargain and I came inside. I went to the counter and looked at the photos of the foods on the counter ( they have maybe just 15 or 20 dishes ) and I choosed this weird pink colour soup with fish balls called Yentafo. What is Yentafo?

Yong tau foo is essentially a clear consomme soup containing a varied selection of food items, including fish ballscrab sticks,bittergourdscuttlefishlettuceladies fingers, as well as chilis, and various forms of fresh produce, seafood and meats common inChinese cuisine. ~ Wikipedia 

>> Yentafo served with deep fried wonton skin, jellyfish, fish ball, fish tofu, fried tofu, spring onions, corriander leaves and water spinach<<

I asked whether this Yentafo contains any pork and this very nice lady said no and the pink colour was from tomato sauce!! Hohohohooho, I think I order an interesting dish. So I waited for about 5 or 10 minutes and my Yentafo was ready on my table. I'm so happy because they served it fast! Kekekeke. Ah jaaa! I met two other Indonesian girls and they made me eat together on their tables :) They ordered one Pad Thai and one crispy ducks.

They give us a bucket of condiments and a bottle of fishsauce, so you can add the this so hot pepper-flakes when you like hot stuffs of a little bit chili-vinegar to make your food or soups more refreshing. Because I really like spicy foods, thoughtlessly I put to much pepper-flakes on my soup and to much vinegar too! My Yentafo tasted like a bowl of fire soup, but it taste reaaaaaalllllll good, you know, have you ever eat a spicy soup that make you eat and eat and eat until the last drop of the broth and then you felt soooooo refreshing and one second after you felt like you burnt your tounge image and you have a running nose image and you sweat image too? Never felt that feel? Just try it! But I don't recomend it to people with a weak stomach. Kekekeke!

>> Hot pepper flakes, sugar and chili - pickled - vinegar - sauce <<

Because of this burnt feeling in my mouth I ordered a glass of longan drinks. Do you know longan? Longan is a tropical fruits that taste very sweet and this longan drink is a ice-syrup with preserves longan, they gave you plenty of longan but it taste really sweet. so for you who don't like sweet things, I think this isn't a good choice, just order the cola or anything else. I have tried this thailandese iced tea. I think the concept of this iced tea is similiar to vietnamese iced tea. They used an strong flavoured black tea, sweet condense milk and ice. It tasted very sweet but also very aromatic and refreshing. I prefer this this iced tea than the longan drinks.

>> Thailandese Iced Tea <<

I never try any other foods here, because I'm so in love with their Yentafo. I couldn't find another restaurant that serve Yentafo on their menu so I think I can eat Yentafo on this restaurant. But I want to try their Shrimps Pad Thai or maybe Som Tam ( papaya salad ).

Actually you can buy  instant Yentafo noodle on you asian groceries shops, they taste good but sometimes I felt the noodles absorb the broth toooooo fast and make the noodles soggy, but it's OK :) It's taste good. Or you can buy  Yentafo sauce and make like a pot of Yentafo. Just call me when you make it at home, with pleasure I'll eat it! image ?? Kekekekeke.

The restaurant is clean, the toillete is clean, the service is very good, the ladies are very kind. Aaaahhh I really like eat there and of course the food aren't that expensive. Like I wrote before, all meals costs 5€ and all drinks costs about 1.5€.


Kantststr. 105
10627 Berlin

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  1. at first i thought it's weird to have a pinky (or redish) colour soup. But once i read jellyfish, fish ball, fish tofu, fried tofu, spring onions, corriander leaves and water spinach, it looks yummiiiiiiiy

    asted like a bowl of fire >>>> haha! Booochaaaan.... *chu :*


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