When my babysitter was canceled because of miscomunications with the mother of the kids, I normally went to this restaurant or when my friends craving of korean foods.

Maybe we can call YamYam a cool place to hangout with friend, they have this youth vibes, there are so many youngster come to eat here and even elderies with their family. This place was always sooo full at night and at lunch time. So I think it's better to make a reservation first when you come with a group of people or even when you come just with one of your friend at busy time.

Modern young sometimes koreans songs could be hear from the loud speakers. There are tables with chairs and the other ones are with cusions, so please take your shoes off when you sit on the cusions :) we called it asian table manner, right?

I've tried almost all of vegetarian and seafood menus on this restaurant. I won't say it's a cheap restauran but it has a proper portion of foods ( for me especially ).

>> Dolsot Bibimbap, just pour the gochujang sauce over the top of bibimbap and mix it well. They Bibimbap contain of 3 or 4 types of Kimchi, like you can see, they served it with napa cabage kimchi, cucumber kimchi, white cabage kimchi, soy bean sprout side dish, boiled spinach, raw julienne carrots. When you can't find any bottle of gochujang sauce on your table, just call the waitress. :) It cost 8€ now.<<

>> Ojinger Bokum or Squid Rice Bowl, this is very spicy food, so when you like seafood and want to eat spicy thing, I think it's the right choice for you. It'll cost you 8€ for one bowl. Cute cartoon octopus emoticons emoji download<<

I've tried their classis and zamzi (tuna) kimbab, kimbab is rice roll with so many filling inside (it's like maki sushi) but they coated the kim (seaweed or nori) with sesame oil, so they have this typical korean flavour. Their kimchi chigae, mandu, manduguk, and jjampong was quite good too but not the best korean foods I ever tried. Ahaaa. One tips fory you, one time I've seen a couple who ordered ramyun, when their ramyun come, it make me remember about an instant ramyun noodles, so I'm a little bit suspicious that it was an instant ramyun! Kekekeke.  Because of that I never order their ramyun, because I think I can cook a better and presentable ramyun at home (I'm quite good you know and their ramyun looke soggy for me). 

735623544033 12 Instant noodles superman emoji gif superman Emoticons superman emoji

And last but not least,

>> Lemon tea, it's very refreshing guys!!!<<

Like I wrote before this restaurant for me is a little too expensive when I'm on my thight budget and the foods are OK and not bad at all. So 45 The Magic Of Children emoticons emoji download everybodeeehhh. Till the next review.


Alte Schönhauser Str 6


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  1. aaah what a great life you have in there... envy you. #Nom #Nom #PonakannyaNgiler

    1. rumput tetangga memang selalu lebih hijau nei, wkwkwkkwk. nanti yah ponakan, kalau pulang tante bikinin menu anak kecil. tapi tunggu kamunya sedikit besar. hahahaha


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