One of my favorite J-Dorama is Shinya Shokudo, which is mean The Late Night Dinner in English. The dorama is about a man who run a midnight restaurant and it open from midnight to 7am. Why I'm in love with this dorama? Because I want to make my own dinner like that when I have money. A place where you can you can have everything you want ( of course when it's possible ) or a place where you can take your time alone when you don't want to go home early or just a simple place where you can meet your friends, it's small place  so every costumer will meet and known each other and make one small community or for me I want to provide my dearest friends a place where we can meet each other when we grow old. Interested? Just watch it! Thanks to Riska 'Nei2' Barokah who gave me this dorama. :)

On episode 8 Season 1 of this dorama, he made a yakisoba for a lonely actress. She really love to eat yakisoba with sunny side up fried egg on top, because it was the  one and only  memory  with her father who left her long time ago.

What is yakisoba?

Yakisoba (焼きそば?), literally fried noodles or Sōsu Yakisoba (ソース焼きそば?), the same, but in sauce, is considered a Japanese dish but originated in China and is technically a derivative of Chinese chow mein. It first appeared in food stalls in Japan at some point during the early 20th century.[1] Although soba means buckwheat, typically suggesting noodles made from that flour in mainland Japan, yakisoba noodles are made from wheat flour similar to ramen. It is typically flavoured with a sweetened, thickened condiment similar to Oyster sauce. ~Wikipedia~

Soooo, after you see this,

or this,

How couldn't you want to eat that thing!!!  For me I really do this in front of my laptop xm 3 Lovely cartoon panda Emoticon Gifs free download Emoticon Gifs Emoticon Gif   and then I search on the internet where I can buy yakisoba in Berlin.  I know the taste of yakisoba sauce and I know that I don't really like it, but like I wrote before, that picture just a mouth watering picture.

There is one popular restaurant for japanese noodle speciality in Berlin and it's Makoto. I read the review on yelp, some people wrote that  it was a very good and authentic restaurant, some people wrote that the ramen was like an instant ramen, some people wrote it was a restaurant you must try and some people wrote that the service is very bad.

I came at 4pm and there are no many people there. I asked with my smile whether I could sit on the counter in front of the casier table, you know, that is my favorite spot in every japanese restaurant when it has a counter, sometimes you can talk with the chef or just to look what they doing there and you know what? One of the waiter told me with  loud and unpleasent voice that I must not sit there but at the back room of the restaurant and it's a little bit disturb me, he could told me with a nice manner, but naja I just want to eat so I didn't think anymore.

I ordered Kaisen Yakisoba without pork. Kaisen Yakisoba is a fried noodles with pork, seafood and assorted vegetables.

>> Kaisen Yakisoba . I forgot to take photo so I just use this photo. I took this photo from Makoto's website<<

Honestly I felt a little bit disappointed, because their yakisoba didn't have sunny side up egg and aonori (seaweed sprinkle)  but it taste good but it's not cheap, it cost 9,5€. It tasted like normal yakisoba sauce that you can buy on asian market, so I think it'll better when I make this at home when I'm craving for yakisoba again. Hehehe. And with 9,5€ actually you can buy a little bit luxus food ( not fried noodles ). 

But I tried for the first time this Ramune-drink. Ramune drink is a japanese limonade and it has unique way to open it, do you want to know about it? You can see the video from emmymadeinjapan youtube-channel. 

Don't forget to subscribe her channel :)

>> Ramune <<

But, the place is not bad at all, it's not a big place but it has modern vibes with this artistic, youthful japanese painting on the wall and it's quite comfortable too to eat alone or to eat with a group.

>> Makoto 'back' room <<


Alte Schönhauser Str 13

10119 Berlin


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